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Nikki Haley says ‘Trump will not win the general election’ ahead of South Carolina primary


Nikki Haley asserted two days ahead of the South Carolina Republican primary that former President Trump ‘will not win the general election.’ 

‘What I’m trying to tell all Republicans and anybody – Independents as well – anybody that’s voting in those primaries is if you want a change in the country, which I think the entire country wants a change, is we won’t get a change if we don’t win an election,’ the former South Carolina governor told CNN’s Jake Tapper on Thursday. 

She proclaimed, ‘Donald Trump will not win the general election. You can have him win any primary you want, he will not win a general election. We will have a female President of the United States: It will either be me or it will be Kamala Harris. But if Donald Trump is the nominee, you can mark my words, he will not win a general election.’

Some general election polls have shown Haley could fare better against President Biden than Trump, but the former president has a decisive lead heading into the Palmetto State’s Saturday primary. 

Haley further warned, ‘Don’t complain about what happens in a general election if you don’t vote that in this primary.’

‘We can do better,’ she added, noting that Trump and Biden are the ‘two most disliked politicians in America.’ 

She added that a majority of Americans have said they feel both men are ‘too old’ to hold the office again. 

‘We need someone who can work eight years straight of hard work, day and night, fully disciplined with no drama, no vendettas, just results or the American people,’ she said. 

Haley has already lost the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary to Trump, but has said she has no plans to get out of the race. 

Trump senior advisor Jason Miller told Fox News Digital in a statement: ‘Birdbrain would get crushed by Joe Biden so badly she’d even lose Texas.’

The Haley did not immediately respond to Fox News Digital’s request for comment.

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