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Libertarian Party chair says RFK Jr. nomination could be ‘mutually beneficial’


As independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. fights for nationwide ballot access, the chief of the Libertarian Party said it would be wise for him to run on their ticket.

Angela McArdle, the chair of the Libertarian National Committee, made clear that no decision has been made about RFK Jr. joining the Libertarian Party’s 2024 ticket. But she did say such a move could be ‘mutually beneficial’ as the party seeks a candidate who could seal ballot access in all 50 states.

‘I’m not allowed to actively recruit anyone for the presidential nomination,’ McArdle said in an interview on ‘The Hill on NewsNation.’ ‘I’m certainly friendly with his campaign, just like I am with all the other candidates’ campaigns.’ 

Kennedy has recently floated the idea of running for president as a Libertarian. His long-shot independent campaign against President Biden and former President Trump has only garnered enough signatures for ballot access in four states, and the Libertarian Party has a demonstrated track record of getting on the ballot in all 50 states in 2016 and 2020. 

In an interview on CNN in January, Kennedy said he was ‘looking at’ the option of running as a Libertarian, adding that he has a good relationship with the party. He spoke at the California Libertarian Party Convention last month, though he has not committed to joining the Libertarian presidential primary.

McArdle said it would be wise for Kennedy to seek the Libertarian nomination, noting that the party has ‘the experience and the ground game’ to get ballot access in all 50 states.

She said there is no current favorite for the Libertarian nomination ‘and that’s not a knock against him. You know, we have a very ornery group of delegates. They’re interested in finding the best, most principled messenger, someone who represents us ideologically. And, we also have a group of people who are very focused on ballot access. And of course, having Robert F. Kennedy Jr. as our candidate would absolutely seal ballot access for us. But it’s not decided yet.’

McArdle acknowledged that RFK Jr. would not be a perfect ideological fit for the Libertarian Party, but said both sides have something to gain from his potential candidacy as a Libertarian. 

‘I think that if he became our nominee, there would be an understanding with us that he doesn’t 100% represent us ideologically. He is getting ballot access by using our name and branding. And in return, we are securing ballot access for the future,’ she said.

‘And, you know, whether or not it’s for better or worse, we would also be potentially unlocking some federal funding,’ McArdle continued. ‘If that happens, it’s going to have to be a conscious decision of the delegates and a mutually beneficial relationship.’ 

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